What to expect in a treatment.


Using traditional Swedish massage strokes, I will gently begin to heat the area of your body I am working on. These effleurage strokes are long and soothing and help to increase circulation. This gentler work also allows me to start to get a feel of any tensions you might have in your body.

When I feel that your muscle tissues have warmed and softened enough, I will start with some slightly deeper work to help the fresh oxygenated blood reach the deeper areas. I will always check in to make sure the pressure is right for you. At any point, you can let me know if you want me to work softer or perhaps harder. This pattern of beginning gently and increasing in depth applies to all areas of your body…

If I feel there is particular tightness in a certain area or if we have discussed a problem area for you, I may feel that it is appropriate to incorporate some tractions, Most commonly for shoulders or mobilisations, usually of hips and shoulders or trigger points for particularly knotty muscles.

Trigger point work can sometimes feel slightly more intense but is really useful for allowing a change to happen in your body, creating space for natural circulation and in turn giving a sense of release.

Once I have come to the end of working on a certain area of the body, I will do a lymphatic drain, which is done with a very light and slow touch working towards the heart or lymph nodes. This helps with the elimination of toxins released through massage.

I usually try to include some face and head massage too. We use our facial muscles all the time, expressing or perhaps hiding our emotions. My clients are often surprised by how deeply relaxing and restorative it can be.

For many people, there is a lot of emotion tied up in the abdominal area. You can feel vulnerable exposing such a delicate part of your body. Therefore, I will never do any abdominal massage unless we have discussed it first. However, there are many benefits to abdominal massage, for digestion and IBS, emotional acceptance and aiding the flow of lymphatic fluid, which promotes a healthy immune system, so it is worth considering as part of your treatment.

I use Neals Yard organic massage oils or Songbird natural massage wax. If you would like me to use a particular favourite, feel free to bring it with you to your session.

I look forward to welcoming you and creating a relaxing experience to help you find comfort in your body.

“Bridie is an absolute star. She has a natural, healing touch and excellent anatomical knowledge, she always seems to find the root of any tension I’m holding onto. Since my first massage with Bridie, I have felt in safe hands and come away feeling renewed. Thanks Bridie, can’t wait for my next treatment.”

Rosie Penny



  • 60-minute full body massage: £50

  • Rejuvenating facelift massage and pregnancy massage treatments will be available soon!

  • Gift vouchers available on request 



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